Keeping Your Lab's Coat Looking Good

Posted on: 15 January 2019

Labrador Retrievers can be a fun and energetic addition to your family. They are a water-loving breed with a beautiful fur coat that you'll want to maintain. While their short coats seem like they would need no maintenance, don't let that fool you. Their coats actually do need some care, though the care is fairly basic and uncomplicated. Here are some things you can do in order to keep your Labrador's coat at its best.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Though your Lab may not look it, he or she is double-coated, and this means that there will always be some shedding. You should groom your dog with a regular bristle dog brush about twice a week. About once or twice a year, Labradors will shed off their entire undercoat. During these times, use a short hair rake to help keep the shedding in check.

Bathe Cautiously

Your Labrador shouldn't need much bathing except for in unusual circumstances, such as a run-in with something really smelly. If you do decide to bathe your Lab, then go easy on the shampoo (only use shampoo approved for dogs) so that you don't strip off too much of his or her natural protective skin oils. If you're only cleaning off mud or dirt, then you may not need shampoo at all.

Do Not Shave

Because your Lab is double-coated, there's almost no need for any shaving. Shaving is actually counterintuitive because the undercoat is very insulating against hot or cold temperatures. The undercoat is also very protective in water and help keeps your dog's skin dry. Also, if you shave your Lab, there's a chance that the coat will not grow back as good as it was before.

Feed a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in how your dog's coat looks and feels. A poor diet may result in a dull coat or excessive and uneven shedding. Make sure you feed your dog plenty of proteins and fats, but don't skimp on a variety of foods. Omega fatty acids are very important for keeping your dog's fur shiny and strong and for keeping shedding to a minimum.

Labrador Retrievers may seem like they have a simple, carefree coat, but if you want it looking good, and if you want to control shedding in your house, then you need to give it some attention. However, taking care of their coat is not complicated and can usually be accomplished with basic grooming tools. Your Lab will also enjoy the attention. For more information about Labrador Retrievers, contact a breeder or seller who knows these dogs well.