2 Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Physically And Emotionally Healthy

Posted on: 8 October 2015

Your dog may be not only your constant companion but your best friend who gives you the emotional support to help you live a healthy life. With all your dog helps you with, it is important to take care of their physical and emotional needs as well. Here are some tips to help you give your dog the physical and emotional care they need during grooming and while you are away from home.

Frequent Grooming

When you are a dog owner, it is important to make sure you have them groomed frequently. Grooming them will keep their nails trimmed and their teeth clean. By keeping their nails trimmed, you can prevent damage to your home or furniture. It is recommended to trim your dog's nails every month. Your dog's teeth need to be kept clean or your dog might suffer from a  tooth infection or abscess that spreads infection to other areas of their body, causing their health to decline. 

Frequent grooming can help keep your dog's coat free of dirt and mats, especially if they have longer fur. And the groomer can trim your dog's fur to help them keep cool during hot summer months. Then, brushing of your dog's coat during grooming can promote blood circulation in their skin. A gentle physical touch to your dog's head, neck, ears, back, tail, and legs during grooming can help them relax and to reduce their stress.

It is a good idea to have your dog bathed each week. Your dog needs their fur washed to prevent a build-up of grease, which can block their pores and cause sebaceous cysts in their skin. While your dog is being bathed, the groomer can check the condition of their entire body while they massage them with dog shampoo. This is a good opportunity for them to find any signs of illness or other conditions that you may have missed, such as a lump or fleas. The groomer will also clean out any dirt and fur mats between their toes, which can cause pain when they walk.

Appropriate Substitute Care

It is important to also make sure your dog's needs are met while you are away from home for work or travel. You might have friendly neighbors who can give your dog food and water while you are away from home, but this may not be the best source of care for your dog.

Dogs need love and attention, and if they are left by themselves for hours at a time they may act out. You are your dog's guardian, and they are attached to you emotionally, so separation from you can cause them anxiety and stress.

Your dog may not emotionally deal with being left home alone for several hours at a time. If you notice your dog has acted out while you were away from home, they may have separation anxiety. Some signs of separation anxiety can include howling, chewing, digging, trying to escape, urinating, and defecating in your home. You can ask a neighbor who stays home during the day if they hear your dog barking or howling while you are away. Other signs of anxiety can include drooling and acting nervous, agitated, and depressed while you are preparing to leave the house.

As your dog is a social animal, they need to be able to interact with humans to stay healthy. If you are planning to leave for vacation for several days or you work long hours at your job, you should consider leaving your dog at a professional boarding service. While there, your dog will interact and play with trained animal handlers and other dogs and get the attention and care they need while you are away. And you can leave your dog with familiar items, such as a blanket and dog toys. For more info on dog boarding services, follow the link in this sentence.

Taking care of your dog's health and mental wellness is important for keeping them well.