5 Ways For Children To Honor A Dog's Passing

Posted on: 6 January 2015

Losing a pet is hard for anyone, but for a young child it could be really challenging to understand and become the first big loss in the person's life. As a way to help a child cope with a dog's passing, there are several things you can do with them to honor the dog.

Many of these activities help the spirit of the animal live on and can be assisted with after the dog is put to sleep at a veterinarian clinic.

Memorial Plaques

When a dog is cremated at the vet, the ashes can be displayed in a number of different ways. One of the products available is a memorial plaque. On the plaque, the child can choose a favorite picture of the dog, have it inscribed and be attached directly to a boxed urn that is filled with the ashes.

Once the plaque is created, the child can display it in their room to honor the beloved pet. This is a permanent piece that will help the child forever remember the memories they add with the canine.

Virtual Dogs

Help a child cope with the loss of a dog by allowing the animal to live on in a digital world. Children can explore a number of different pet creation games for tablets, consoles, or computers. In these games, virtual dogs can be created to match the likeness of the pet that you owned.

When the child is lonely or sad, they can visit the virtual dog for a little bit of comfort. In some simulation games, a virtual person can be created with the animal so the two can interact together on the screen.

Dog Garden Memorial

If you choose to keep and bury the dog from the vet clinic, then you can turn the resting place into a special garden memorial. There are plenty of gardening activities for children to contribute to and honor the dog.

  • Flowers: Let a child pick different flowers for the garden. It's a good idea to encourage flowers that bloom annually near the dog's birthday as a nice little touch.
  • Paw Print Stones: Many garden centers offer small stones with paw prints on them. This is a nice touch to add to the garden memorial.
  • Garden Decorations: Small outdoor dog statues, garden stakes, and flags can all help honor the dog and decorate the garden.

Dog Sponsoring

Click here or contact your local veterinarian to find out about local programs where you child can sponsor a dog or foster program. Through this, a child can learn to donate money and honor their pet at the same time.

The donations can be annually or monthly as you choose fit. There are many different programs to choose from, including the ability to name a foster animal based on your dog's name. This is a great way to pass down the legacy.

Dogs & Holidays

If the dog passed away during the holidays, there are multiple ways to honor the animal. Check out three examples and work with your child to brainstorm additional ideas.

  • Christmas: Honor your dog every year by purchasing a dedication ornament. There are dozens of different dog ornaments, including special angel dog ones for pets that have passed away.
  • Valentine's Day: On holidays like Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving, you can make a variety of dog treats in honor of your animal. A lot of treats include peanut butter and other natural ingredients that are safe for dogs. Once made, the treats can be handed out to family and friends that own dogs. Placing a picture tag with your beloved pet will help spread the honor you feel for the pet.
  • Fourth of July: Celebrate your dog in a big way. Many companies have started creating memorial fireworks. With these creations, the ashes of the pet are actually inserted into the fireworks. The fireworks blast off in a huge celebration of the life and love for the animal. Children will enjoy seeing the spectacle and looking back on the love of the animal.

Communicate with your child to determine what activities they are interested in. It will help develop their emotions and grieve through the tough time as best as possible.